ShallisGroup360° is an Asset Management Company, specializing in both real and personal properties as third party intermediaries and fiduciaries

With over two decades of experience specializing in the management, statistical evaluation and liquidation of both real and personal property*. Shallis’ recognized the need for a service-oriented, client-directed property and estate management company.  

ShallisGroup360° coordinates and manages property services that support the efforts of estate administrators and property owners alike.  

Complete control of the estate remains in the hands of our clients, while they receive the experience, trust and competency of a company that understands this industry.   

We work with family members, estate administrators, trustees, guardians, conservators, property owners and others to address the challenges they face when dealing with property. 

We complement our client's efforts and simplify challenges with an ethical and knowledgeable approach to issues. 

We understand what is needed to properly manage real and personal property in a manner that will protect property, provide peace-of-mind and stand-up to the scrutiny of the courts and beneficiaries. 

(*Sean T Shallis, NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker/Sales Associate with Keller Williams Realty, please see his complete resume for more information)


It's not about us...It's ALL about YOU!

We built our team for you NOT us. Most agents build teams to make their lives easier. We built our team to ensure you have the highest level of experience, knowledge and integrity throughout your real estate transaction..

Our time is 100% focussed on 7 things:

Law of Expertise...

We bring more than 3 decades of industry experience, including a formal education in real estate analytics from NYU.

Law of Differentiation…

Our 360 degree marketing strategy is uniquely tailored for each property and individual situation.

Law of Exposure…

Throughout morris county Weichert, Realtors and The Shallis group represents more than 50% of the closed transactions in our market*. (*this number may vary on submarkets within Morris County).

Law of Cooperation...

In addition to cooperating with all Realtors in the multiple listing service, Weichert, Realtors 8000+ associates, Sean Shallis is also a member of several mastermind groups comprised from the top 1% of real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada. This group is truly the best of the best, 1,800 agents.

Law of Buyer Acquisition...

As well as being able to generate buyers through the combined efforts of both Weichert’s multimillion dollar internet reach and our 360 marketing strategy we are more effective at converting those buyer leads into firm offers for your home.

Law of Negotiation...

In contrast to the average realtor who is negotiating 1-3 homes per year, our team will negotiate 1-3 homes per WEEK… “would you allow an average and ordinary doctor operate on your heart, or do you want a surgeon?” The average negotiated price according NAR is 96.5% of the asking price, in contrast we have maintained an average negotiated at 98.2% year over year.

Law of Execution...

There’s a large gap between saying you’ll get something done and actually getting it done. Our systemized approach is designed to have the property fully marketed within days of signing the agreement. Our competition will take weeks to simply enter the system. In short Sean’s former experience in the United States Army Special Ops rings true into his business...we truly believe we can get more done by in the first 3 hours of the day than most agents will do in the entire day.

Meet the Team