ShallisGroup360° is an Asset Management Company, specializing in both real and personal properties as third party intermediaries and fiduciaries.  

With over two decades of experience specializing in the management, statistical evaluation and liquidation of both real and personal property*. Shallis’ recognized the need for a service-oriented, client-directed property and estate management company.  

ShallisGroup360° coordinates and manages property services that support the efforts of estate administrators and property owners alike.  

Complete control of the estate remains in the hands of our clients, while they receive the experience, trust and competency of a company that understands this industry.  

We work with family members, estate administrators, trustees, guardians, conservators, property owners and others to address the challenges they face when dealing with property. 

We complement our client's efforts and simplify challenges with an ethical and knowledgeable approach to issues. 

We understand what is needed to properly manage real and personal property in a manner that will protect property, provide peace-of-mind and stand-up to the scrutiny of the courts and beneficiaries. 

(*Sean T Shallis, NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker/Sales Associate with Keller Williams Realty, please see his complete resume for more information)




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