To whom it may concern,

When Sean Shallis approached me about selling my late mother's house in NJ, my belief at the time was that Listing Realtors were pretty much interchangeable - after all, how much skill does it really take to list a property in MLS?

However, Sean caught my attention when he spoke about the wide variety of resources that he could bring to facilitating an estate sale. As a Texas resident, I had no connections in North Jersey, and wouldn't be onsite to deal with all of the OTHER things that need to be done when selling a house. 

For this reason, I contracted with Sean and his team, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. 

Having Sean as my Realtor was like having an old friend/neighbor who always knows "a guy".

During the process of selling my home, I needed:

  • A real estate lawyer ... Sean had a recommendation
  • To rent a dumpster ... Sean had a recommendation.
  • To have some landscaping done ... Sean had a recommendation
  • Someone hold an estate sale ... Sean had a recommendation
  • A contractor to make some repairs ... Sean had a recommendation
  • Someone to clean out any remaining furniture in house ...Sean had a recommendation

You can't imagine how much of a relief it was to get recommendations that were fully vetted, had done work for Sean's clients in the past, and were motivated to do a good job for me - at a good price. Instead of requesting estimates from random companies and hoping for the best, Sean would give me a phone number and say "Call this guy, and tell him that I sent you."

Needless to say, I was thrilled with every one of these recommendations. Without exception, they were professional, reasonably priced, and delivered as promised.

As we were on final approach to closing, Sean's team at Weichert - led by Abbe Nadelberg - kept everybody on track and on schedule. 

You might think that selling a house - not just selling the house but EVERYTHING ELSE that needed to be done before closing - from 1800 miles away would be difficult and stressful. And with a different Realtor, it might very well have been. 

However, with Sean Shallis as my Realtor, the entire process was painless and stress-free. I would strongly recommend Sean and his team to anyone needing to sell a home - especially from out-of-state.


P. R

Dear Sean and Abbe,

I want to thank you both for your professionalism and kindness during the process of selling my home. I would recommend Weichert Realtors and more specifically your office for doing what you said...... "Getting it done"

Have a great summer, I wish you both the best

Paul Lustbader